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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> deputy city attorney john gibner during the closed session the committee voted unanimously to for the record items 7, 8, 10 and 11 full recommendation. >> colleagues, can i have a position to no disclose what happened in closed session. >> it passes. madam clerk anything else on the agenda. >> if there's nothing else this meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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man: 60-inch screen, high-definition. football season is coming up. you can watch it right here. what do you think? i'll take it. huh! huh! now, that's what i'm talking about. you're right. i don't need it.
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>> wow, are the beetles here or are we just reoping the playground? i'm not sure which. thanks to the 2008 parks funds, where you're standing is the home and all of you san francisco voters gave a $20 million investment in this neighborhood. i was born and raised four blocks from where we stand today. i came and played in this park, on the equipment, in the you
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know what i mean you know jim gym and structure today. >> to make this a park that everybody can enjoy, a diversity that would show the city that this is what san francisco is all about. >> what we got here is 3,000 new square feet of places for people to be healthy and be active and the community to gather. >> if you see /kaelly's mural in the building, there cannot be an imagery that's more related to this place. what people told us about what the importance of the windmills and the green houses and the flowers that used to be grown here and the wind, let's not forget the wind. >> we have to continue to invest in our city's infrastructure and creating new. this is a recreation center for
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the 21st century and for the 21st century communities. >> we finally made something after somebody that everybody needs and this is the park >> when there's good children's theatre it's good thoert and if it's good to her you will like it ever it's for children that's what i think. it's both a story for kids and a older people it's about loving a toy or friend and it's will what it means to get old. >> in 1986 my son was two and i
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decided i would like to make a developing rabbit i had never read it i heard it as a mother. my first version was a bedtime story recording and it's through that that i denied the at home and role determined how to produce the story. it's through licensed to it when i first made the dance i really watched any son and i took him to the perform he loved the performance and he loved it when somebody was reading to him he heard the language human resources usually when the rabbit come out he say oh, the rabbit. it's the talking and sliding and
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kids can relate to. and the adults loved nanna. now napping in a is the main adult figure in the show she represents stern love the fair is played but he same person and i think fairy is the thing have you for your first child pure love. i think nature is a beautiful thing and all widespread rabbits come to nature it's about how far and not something our kids get those days. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's fantastic spectacle what
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happens with the computes so i think in life performance you see it more successful and ask people to buy into your world so long as the world is consistent that you have on stage and film say, i want this message for kids. the world doesn't have to be spectacle it can be about relationships and a taking things seriously and not about being blown away. what is real asked the child one day and the success for the most part when you are 7-year-old you
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sit in the seats and kids laugh and ask questions and that's a sense of success. i think the fact we tour it and do it here and still are audience is lasting. i want to say its lasting because the story is a wonderful story. if it was just an okay story it wouldn't have laced this long. i've had people come up to me and say that's the first story i've seen of this as to how and people come back to see this when they're in their 20s and they come back more than once what their older year after year.
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